• Technical Support
    IMERYS actively works towards fostering partnerships with customers to develop innovative solutions to solve their technical challenges.... read more

  • Products & Services
    The IMERYS provides kaolin, GCC, PCC and talc, mineral components that are essential for the paper industry.... read more

  • Carbon Footprint
    IMERYS has an established methodology for measuring and reporting the carbon footprint for its pigments.... read more

  • Quality
    IMERYS production follows strict quality procedures and most of our production units are ISO 9000 certified.... read more

  • IMERYS' kaolin portfolio is shaped by, our fundamental understanding of the technical and commercial needs of the various papermaking segments.... read more

Adding Value to Paper & Packaging

A global leader in mineral solutions for paper and paper-based packaging industries.

We deliver innovative mineral solutions to enhance the properties of cellulose fibre-based materials. We mine speciality minerals from extensive high quality reserves and process them to develop solutions that improve our customer’s product performance and manufacturing efficiency.


A unique and comprehensive portfolio of kaolins, calcium carbonates and talc, enables us to deliver advanced multi-pigment solutions as filler additive, coating pigment or processing aid to our global customer base.


In-depth industry expertise with a continuous focus on research & development, highly flexible supply chain logistics and responsible corporate citizenship make Imerys an outstanding, reliable partner to the paper and paper-based manufacturing industries worldwide.


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